Over four decades                    


                                   Combined Experience!!!



Corneilus Harris and Solomon Curtis both grew up in Zanesville, OH and began fishing at very young ages Wading the Muskingum and Licking rivers for smallmouth bass, saugeye and anything else they could coax into biting at various times of the year.

Both were introduced to the AEP Recreation Grounds presently identified as the Jesse Owens State Park and Wildlife Area in their early teens and have since become quite known throughout the Buckeye state and beyond for their ability to locate and catch huge Large Mouth Bass on the Jesse Owens Wildlife Area and ODNR managed areas within the east-central and southeastern regions of the state of Ohio.

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Corneilus Harris
Taking That Extra Step

Over the years, Corneilus took it upon himself to set himself apart from other anglers. He did this by mastering techniques during cold water periods and producing " huge " largemouth bass consistently. He did not figure this out overnight. There had been countless hours of trial and error before the Giants came steadily. He believes that the number one key to landing fish during cold water periods of the year is patience. He goes out and focuses on one or two bites per outing during these periods. Typically one of the bites result in the fish of a lifetime. As a result of his efforts in being dedicated to fishing during cold water periods, Corneilus has become known for his year-round " whenever ice is absent " ability to locate and catch enormous largemouth bass being featured in publications including the Columbus Dispatch, Country Living Magazine, Fit Magazine, Ohio Magazine, and The Toledo Blade 



Solomon Curtis
" Solomons Giant !!! "

While on his journey as an avid angler, Solomon had a few goals in mind. One was to catch a 10lb monster bass in Ohio’s public waters and to make it in the world’s number one fishing magazine Bassmaster's. On the day of 4 -17- 2011, one of his goals was obtained. He had landed a massive 10lb 2oz bass from the Jesse Owens Wildlife Area. Curtis had an exclusive interview with Mike Reeves, owner of Ohio Bass Blog and part time writer for FLW magazine, where he first explained the catch of a lifetime. He later achieved goal number two, where he was featured in the Bassmaster Magazine Lunker Club. This fish also landed Solomon in a few other fishing magazines. He was on the cover of Ohio Outdoor News, in Fur Fish and Game, and Ohio Game and Fish. In 2014, the Ohio Division of Wildlife included another Giant caught by Solomon in the fishing regulations booklet.



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