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 "So you think you've been bass fishing and pretty much done all that your parcel of the midwest has to offer. You have been bass fishing but you certainly have not experienced it all - not until you have gone bass fishing with Corneilus Harris."


                              - Matt Markey,

                        outdoors editor of

                    The Toledo Blade



"Corneilus told me of his long treks through the recreation wilds, of exploring 150 lakes in the area and narrowing them down to ponds he found to be most fertile water, of taking enormous bass in January, fishing even as the snow fell on the water around him. I've been on several guided trips and never has a guide been so patient, wise and cool. His gentle spirit belies both his intimidating build and the depth of his wisdom on the water especially this water; his water. His appreciation for the land he fished was apparent, too."


                 - David Lewis,


                  BY (614) MAGAZINE

"If I wanted to try to catch a trophy largemouth bass in Ohio, and if I had to do it from public waters, I'd choose to fish the AEP ReCreation lands in southeast section of the Buckeye State . And I'd ask Corneilus Harris to be my guide."


                    - Chip Gross,

             outdoor editor

        Country Living Magazine

"THESE GUYS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING ! They knew what bait to use and where the hot spots were. They taught us several retrieves and shared great fishing tips. Now I know why they named the company "Guru Outfitters". All in all, I  was blown away with the knowldege, passion and professionalism that the guides possess. They have the ability to instruct anyone no matter how skilled, or lack there - of, the angler is, and the structure to provide a premier experience. It was by far the best fishing experience I have ever had,"  


        -   Archie Bradshaw ,

Ceo Healthy Pick Nutrition Studio

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